What I hate about cell phones

I have to put my glasses on to use them.
What I hate about digital cameras.
Same thing.
I was outside pruning some bushes and my cat was helping me by attacking my hands and feet, and then I finally got fed up with her and tried to grab her to throw her in the house (usually I’m trying to throw her out of the house) and she barricaded herself in a pile of cut branches and looked smug. So I got the camera to take her picture and I thought I wouldn’t need my glasses because I thought I could see enough to manage to turn it on and take a photo, and I got a wonderful shot of the cat in the branches looking annoyed (because I had turned the situation to my advantage–she can’t stand it!) but later I couldn’t get the picture to upload so I asked my daughter what I was doing wrong and she said, You didn’t take a picture, Mom, you shot a video.
So instead of a lovely new picture of my cat, here is just an old file photo of her, scoping out her prey (me).

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