Scan results

Today I went to the Ear Nose Throat doctor to hear about the results of my CT scan last Monday. He told me that while my sinuses had improved a lot since the first scan, there was still a lot of “sinus disease” and I was a “candidate” for sinus surgery. But since my sinuses don’t feel sick to me right now, there’s no reason to have surgery if I don’t want to. He said “We operate on people, not scans.”

I asked him about my Constant Stabbing Headache, which I had for seven months before I felt a sinus infection coming on, but which my primary care doctor now thinks was caused by my sinuses. He said it was possible that a sinus infection could cause muscle tension on that side that would cause a headache, but he didn’t seem very convinced. Also, he seemed to think that if I had a sinus infection then (a year ago), I would have felt it in my cheeks, bridge of my nose or forehead, and I didn’t.

So now I’m supposed to wait for a while and see how many more sinus infections I get in the next few months or year, and how long it takes antibiotics to get rid of them, and then come see him if it seems like a problem. Just one more thing in my head I’m supposed to pay attention to, keep records about, worry about (nobody told me to worry, it just comes naturally.)

And today, weirdly, I have a migraine on both sides of my head, and the left side responded to the Amerge, but the right didn’t, so I treated the right side with tea and aspirin, and that worked. Sometimes I think my brain sits up nights working on new ways to have pain. If I broke my head open I think I would find a secret workshop with diagrams of my head on the walls with pins stuck all over them for each successful headache (there aren’t enough pins in the world), and a calendar with entries like “3:27pm, sudden stabbing in left temple,” and “don’t forget, tomorrow 4:30 am, migraine, right side.” Of course, by the time I get to the workshop my brain has fled, but it leaves behind a cup of coffee on its drafting board, which completely explains everything because coffee gives me a migraine and I almost never drink it, but if my brain has been drinking it in its secret workshop no wonder I get headaches anyway.

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