I have two major ant invasions every year. One on the first really hot day of summer, and one on the first rainy day in winter. Yesterday it was 92 degrees on my back porch, and the ants came swarming into the kitchen. I tried to tell them it wasn’t really summer yet, but they ignored me and I was forced to kill them all. This makes me feel bad but I can’t have them swarming all over my counter and in the food.

I squash them with a wet paper towel or sometimes my bare fingers, and then I follow the trail to their outside point of entry and spray a little Raid there. That’s another thing I hate to do, but it’s the only pesticide use on my property so I suppose it could be worse. I don’t know why I bother to avoid pesticides since my neighbors on either side spray everything constantly, and one of my libraries gets sprayed once a month (and I have to scoop up the crickets who crawl out into the middle of the floor to die), and I live in an agricultural area which is one big aerial sprayfest.

My father-in-law used to beg me to allow him to hire a pest control company to come to my house, because he thought I had a dangerously lax view on bug control, and sometimes I wish I had just let him do it, because then the blood of all those ants would be on someone else’s head.

Hmmm. On someone else’s head. Interesting choice of words. Yesterday I was squashing ants; today I have a migraine. From the evidence presented I can only conclude that squashing ants is a migraine trigger for me.

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2 Comments on “Ants”

  1. deborah Says:

    wait, I’m still stuck at 92 degrees! how can you handle that? I do have a recipe for a better, non-toxic antidote using Borax if you like.

    1TBSP Borax
    1TBSP sugar
    2TBSP water

    mix into paste, saturate cotton balls, put on low container where ants enter. watch them die

  2. I have problems with ants, too. They are these little tiny ones, and they show up in the fall and the spring. I try to give them a five minute warning to clear the premises before something bad happens. They frequently don’t listen to me and face their demise.

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