This wasn’t supposed to be about a migraine

In my last post I decided I needed another topic of conversation besides headaches, so on Sunday I went outside and looked around and realized I hadn’t cleaned the pond in two years, due to the Chronic Stabbing Headache. And since the Headache isn’t Stabbing me lately, I decided to clean the pond and then talk about that.

The pond is an oval watering trough for cattle which I set into the ground because I read in the newspaper once that that was an easy way to make a pond. It wasn’t really all that easy because I dug three holes before I decided for sure where to put it, and in the end my friend had to come over and help me dig the last hole because I had become discouraged. But it works pretty well and fish thrive in it and once a year I clean it out, except last year. So it was looking pretty bad and a couple of plants had even died because I couldn’t take care of them properly this winter.

The pond is two feet deep and the way I clean it is I bail it out with a bucket. My husband saw what I was doing and said, “Don’t make yourself sick,” and I said, “Instead of doing it all in one day like I usually do, I’m going to spread the work over two days and that way I will be fine.”

And I was fine. I put the fish and plants in some big buckets with pond water, and I bailed out most of the water (man, it was disgusting) and left a bunch of sludge in the bottom to deal with the next day.

But the next morning I felt oddly disinterested in pond cleaning, so I decided to walk the dog first. It was a beautiful day and everything was lovely and green and spring-like. About three-quarters of the way through the walk, however, I started catching a glimpse of something in the lower left corner of my left eye. It looked like an angry ocean. It slowly grew into a mean, distorted, fence-like barrier with jagged spikes on top (pretty colors, though) that completely blocked the vision on that side.

It had been several years since I had experienced a visual aura. I wasn’t even sure that’s what it was at first, since I don’t remember them being quite that spectacular. But I seemed to be still alive and functioning, so I rushed home (being extra careful at intersections since I couldn’t see to my left) and went straight for the naratriptan, and brewed up a strong cup of tea.

The advantage to this kind of aura is that I know for sure that it means a migraine is coming and I can treat it with the triptan immediately, like you’re supposed to, instead of waiting around for the pain to get bad, like I usually do. And it worked really well. Later that day I was able to finish cleaning the pond and even planted some seeds here and there in the yard.

So this post wasn’t supposed to be about a migraine, but then it turned out that it was, anyway. Just like my life was possibly not supposed to be about a headache, but then the headaches wove their way through so many of my experiences that it’s hard to separate the two, life and headache.

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2 Comments on “This wasn’t supposed to be about a migraine”

  1. deborah Says:

    I love the part where your husband says, “Don’t make yourself sick!” I thought my husband was the only one that said that when I bend over. that’s pretty funny. and weird.

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    Funny, weird, kind of pathetic, but at least they care enough to know that bending over can make us sick.

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