Reading some stuff lately about dealing with migraines at work has made me realize that, so far as migraines go, I’ve been pretty lucky with my co-workers and bosses. At my last library there were two other migraine sufferers and also someone who had headaches everyday. Oh! I just remembered that one of the custodians got migraines, too. In her case, it was very visible on her face, and as our paths crossed in the evening, when I was leaving work and she was just starting, if she had that look about her we would exchange migraine stories. Kind of like all these blogs only in person. She gave me a bunch of pills once. I think they were generic Advil. They didn’t help me at all.

At one of my present branches there’s a woman with very scary health issues, much worse than mine. We swap chronic pain and useless doctor stories. And another current co-worker, now that I’m thinking about it, who has painful health conditions of her own, told me that her late husband experienced cluster headaches, so she has sympathy for me, even though I told her that cluster headaches sound a lot worse than migraines to me.

Thinking about this, what kind of conclusions can I draw? That I hang out with an older crowd that has health problems of its own and life experiences that have taught them to either be sympathetic or at least keep their mouths shut when others are suffering? Partly, but some people on this list are in their 20s and 30s. That people with headaches go to work at the library? That working in a library gives people a headache?

One thing is for sure, looking over what I have written, I realize that I never would have known that these other people had pain if I hadn’t been constantly blabbing about my own. I say constantly, but I hope I am exaggerating and really mean occasionally. I think I should go now and have some life experiences that don’t involve head pain so I can drum up some other topics of conversation.

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3 Comments on “Work”

  1. I think this is a great topic of conversation, because it’s making me wonder if co-workers in different enviroments treat people with invisible illness differently. Or maybe it’s a regional thing or perhaps when you get fifty to sixty women in a call center, like where I work, the claws just natually come out.

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    I was wondering if maybe people with migraines and chronic headaches gravitated to the (supposedly) quiet atmosphere of the library, but adding up the number of migraine and CDH sufferers in my last library and dividing it by number of employees, I came out with about 20%, which I think is average. (Of course, more people could have had migraines and just never told me, so it’s a very unscientific statistic.) Libraries can have a catty, office-like atmosphere, but I think that whenever we find out someone has a disease we all run to look it up, since that’s the way we deal with everything. Maybe that makes a difference.

  3. healthyhead Says:

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