Reckless behavior

The past two days I’ve been living dangerously. I drove to the airport and back (which takes hours, and was stressful on my way there because I realized just as I was leaving that my car needed oil, and I had to go buy some, and that made me late). I ate out two times. One restaurant was uncomfortably crowded and so noisy you had to shout to be heard (but the food was really delicious.) In the other one, I kept feeling like some bright light was shining in my eyes, and I finally looked up and realized there was a compact fluorescent bulb hanging right over my head. Yikes! I drank two cups of tea (which I believe is harmless but my doctor told me not to) and one cup of decaf coffee (often a headache causer for me.)

I went for a walk around the park with my friend, which is usually a good thing, but it was the first long walk in weeks and my legs ached at the end. And then I decided I had to go to Kite Day, and that I should take my not-very-well-trained dog with me, so we walked there and back, and my elbow still hurts from being yanked this way and that by the dog. And the cold wind blew in my face, and the sun shone in my eyes. But my head doesn’t hurt. Not at all.

Maybe tomorrow I will pay the price for my wild behavior. Or maybe I’m entering one of those no-headache periods I sometimes, inexplicably, fall into. The ones where I have a cast iron head, and nothing I do causes a headache. It makes me wonder if anything I ever do causes or triggers the headaches and migraines, or if that whole idea is superstitious mumbo jumbo.

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One Comment on “Reckless behavior”

  1. I’m starting to think the whole trigger thing is superstitious mumbo jumbo, too.

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