ear nose throat guy

I went to the ENT, and he said it looked like I had a really bad sinus infection 6 weeks ago when the CT scan was taken, but his physical exam of my nasal passages seemed to indicate I didn’t have one anymore. I concurred. But he decided to have me take antibiotics for three weeks anyway, and then send me for another scan. Prescribing the extended course of antibiotics will make it more likely that the insurance company will authorize the scan. It just occurred to me right now that I wouldn’t really have to take the antibiotics, just buy them to impress my insurance company.

He seemed pretty skeptical about my sinuses causing my constant stabbing headache. I am beginning to wonder if my regular doctor even has a medical degree. I really wish she would send me for an MRI so that I could quit worrying about my pain. Or send me to a neurologist, even if she thinks they’re too busy or cranky or whatever it is. I can live with pain, but ever since the constant stabbing headache started I have been scared that something in my head is going to harm me, not just hurt me.

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