Constant stabbing headache

These last few days my “constant” stabbing headache, which had lost the right to be called constant because it disappeared for a while, has been slowly resurfacing. It’s pretty mild, with very slight dizziness, but it’s annoying. It doesn’t stab me when I lean over, like it did in the past, it waits until I raise back up. This is an improvement, because I have to lean over to look for books on the bottom shelves, and it used to be really difficult to see anything while my headache was jabbing me repeatedly.

I think I see a pattern of the constant headache going away when I have a sinus infection, and then coming back when the sinus infection seems gone and the antibiotics run out. I have an appointment with an ENT on Monday, I hope he thinks he can cure my headache, because I’m really tired of worrying about it.

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