In My Dreams

Maybe because all I’ve been doing for the last three days is sleeping, I’ve had some great dreams. I like dreams where I’m in a big building or house with many rooms and hallways that I can explore, and that’s the kind I’ve been having. And the dreams go on and on and lots of stuff happens. Yesterday I started running in one of the dreams, and I actually felt healthy and like I could run. Today I dreamed I was doing yoga and I was flexible! It felt great! But it wasn’t real! But it still made me happy.

If I could learn lucid dreaming, maybe I could run and do yoga and ride my bike in my dreams every night and get at least the mental benefit of exercise. Is this a little nutty? One of my yoga teachers said that even if you lie on the mat and imagine that you are doing a pose it will start preparing your body to practice the pose eventually. I don’t like lying around imagining things while I’m awake. Doing imaginary exercise in my sleep would be a lot more fun.

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