I was feeling a little anxious about lists the last few days. Headache blog people were talking about keeping themselves organized with lists and I suddenly remembered that I, too, used to be a list maker. To do today. To do this week. To do in my life. If I didn’t write these things down my head would actually hurt worse, because I would worry that I was going to forget something and the worry would go around and around my brain, stabbing it at intervals. And I knew all the list making tricks, like writing down stuff I’d already done and crossing it off to make my list look better!

But what happened? I haven’t made a list in months (well, groceries only). Have I finally given up trying to accomplish anything? Has my headache destroyed the list-making area of my brain? (Or was it the Topamax?) I can’t figure out if I’ve suffered an alarming personality change or just gotten older and wiser, or maybe older and incompetent. So far I haven’t noticed any disasters from my lack of lists. I have noticed that I didn’t prune the roses this year, something that would have been on a list if I had one, but the roses don’t look like they care, and my neighbor the pruning policeman hasn’t even walked across the street to give me a verbal citation.

It’s a new way of living, and so far, I kind of like it.

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One Comment on “Lists”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I like to make lists as well. Then forget to look at them. Then lose them. I usually end up phoning to confrim appointments once I become uncertain of when they are. Fortunately, or unfortunattely, I am such a hermit, I do not have many lists regarding events and all the others, are never that important.

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