Nothing Wrong

Today I feel like there’s nothing wrong with me.

I dragged my bicycle out from its shed and washed off most of the dust and spiderwebs. I hadn’t ridden it since I got the Constant Stabbing Headache last May, because I was dizzy a lot of the time and afraid to try. I pumped up the tires and rode for about 10 minutes up and down the streets around my house. When I was done my legs felt like overcooked spaghetti. I guess the muscles that walk my dog don’t do bicycles.

And I suppose I’m back to day 1 of no caffeine. I’m thinking I will use black and green tea medicinally, since it worked so well yesterday. I am trying a new kind of herbal tea today. It’s called African Rooibos Red Tea. I’m not too thrilled with it but maybe it will grow on me.

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2 Comments on “Nothing Wrong”

  1. tom Says:

    1Try lifting lid from a boiling kettle and breathing steam as deeply as you in through your nose for ten minutes.Get face and head hot and massageforehead.Repeat three times in an hour or so.Remember to keep kettle topped up and door open to let the steam escape. Clears sinuses.

    2Try deep breathing

    3Lie flat on back on the floor for fifteen minutes a day to improve posture

    4Try decaffe

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    Thanks for all the advice. I’m already a steam breather, plus I have a Neti pot to rinse my sinuses. I used to be very good at deep breathing and lying flat on the floor, due to Yoga practice, but the Constant Stabbing Headache has put a stop to that and I’m pretty undisciplined on my own. My doctor says there’s too much caffeine in decaffeinated products, but I say she’s crazy.

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