30 days

30 days, no caffeine.

Today is day 31, and I have another headache on my left side, and it’s Sunday, and I just spent my whole Sunday walk with my friend being gloomy and negative, and we have a houseguest, and I don’t want to take an Amerge because I already had two in the last 7 days, so:

I took three aspirin and made myself a cup of tea. Black Lipton tea. And I am drinking it right now.

I think it is pretty nervy of doctors, who fill me full of useless pills with horrifying (or annoying) side effects, to tell me not to drink a cup of tea. “Here, take this drug that makes your headache worse and gives you suicidal thoughts. In a couple of months, if you live that long, it might start helping the pain. But no hot chocolate, it’s bad for you!”

I don’t smoke. I don’t drink alcohol. I eat healthy foods. Before I got the constant stabbing headache I exercised every day. I am in all ways a model citizen. So they ferret out my only vice and command me to eliminate it.

And why am I such a “model citizen?” (You could probably call it “boring citizen.”) When I was a child I noticed that second-hand smoke (even though that phrase didn’t exist then) gave me a headache, so I never started smoking. Alcohol gives me a migraine. If I eat the wrong foods or go too far between little tiny meals, I get a migraine. Exercising every day helped keep the migraines away. I truly believe that if giving up caffeine was going to help me, I would have figured that out in the last 40 years, and I would have given it up on my own.

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2 Comments on “30 days”

  1. Just stumbled across your blog, and as someone with daily headaches, am quite enjoying your take on it. I am not at 44 years but at 24 years of headaches and pray for the days when I don’t have one

    Congrats on the caffine free days… well done. Just a note on “Black Tea”, unless it says Caffine free on the label, it has more caffine than coffee. Steer clear and good luck on the quest.

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    I didn’t know any tea had more caffeine than coffee. The funny thing about coffee is that I can feel it giving me a headache, even decaf. I can occasionally get away with a cup, if I happen to be in one of those ironclad migraine-free periods where nothing touches me, but otherwise any coffee is a definite migraine trigger, whereas tea doesn’t seem to have the same effect.

    Thank you for the good wishes, the same to you.

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