I was almost beginning to believe in the no-caffeine cure, because I had eleven days with no migraine. But Thursday I had an icepick pain that lasted a little longer than those usually do, and I knew I would probably get a migraine the next day on that side, and I did. So I took an Amerge on Friday for my left-sided migraine, and another one today for a right-sided migraine.

Before I had medication for my headaches, it was common for me to have a left-sided migraine for three days, then have a day off from pain, then have a right-sided migraine for three days. Because of the Amerge, I can get that experience over with in two or three days instead of seven, and not spend any time lying in a dark room.

My insurance company would apparently like me to return to the bad old days one week every month, and have placed restrictions on my Amerge prescription to make sure that happens. What for? How do they profit from me being in pain and losing days from my life?

Okay, am I always this plaintive when I have a migraine? And I notice I have used the word migraine seven. . .whoops, that makes eight, times in this short post. If I title it Migraine (nine) that will make 10 times. World record!

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