Doctor’s office

So on Monday I went to the doctor for my sinus infection, and I was going to ask about my CAT scan that hadn’t been scheduled yet even though it had been three weeks, but then I saw that the woman at the desk was the same one who had told me on the phone two weeks ago that it takes a long time to schedule these things and she’d been busy but she would do it right away but then she never did. She is a little scary. She has one of those loud voices that sound like she’s trying her best to be patient and kind to you but you’re making it difficult.

But I gathered my courage and asked anyway, and she said, loudly, “The trouble with Dr. *** is that she writes these things down on little slips of paper and doesn’t send me a message so I don’t even know you need a CAT scan.” I didn’t know what this meant so I just kept quiet and she said she would schedule it right away and call me, and she did. Tomorrow I go in for it.

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