Motivation in a cup

So I was at work at my one-person library yesterday, but I didn’t feel like working. When patrons came in I was fine helping them, and there was a big rush after school for books for reports (kids often have already gotten as much info as they think they need from the internet, but teachers require them to have a book, also) but if nobody was needing me I just sat at my desk and drank my decaf tea. No shelving. No straightening. No sorting through book donations. No preparing for a class tour that’s coming (I’ll be sorry later). No book ordering, though I did read the articles in the book review journals. Not the reviews, just the articles, so long as they had lots of color photos with captions.

And towards the end of the day I started researching caffeine withdrawal, because research is part of my job, right? Totally justifiable. And one of the symptoms was “Work difficulty, e.g., decreased motivation for tasks/work.”

I wonder how my decreased motivation will go over today, when I have to work in a larger library with other employees, including my boss?

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