I went to the doctor today. She has been so sure that my Constant Stabbing Headache was caused by hypothyroidism, and since the CSH went away for a couple of months and then came back this last week and the blood test showed my thyroid was low again, I was starting to believe that too.

But now she is unsure, and I think she wasn’t listening in May when I told her the headache stabbed me when I leaned over, because now she is worried about that suddenly. So she ordered a CAT scan. She has several reasons for not sending me to a neurologist: there aren’t very many locally; even the nice ones are getting crabby because they’re overworked; and, according to her, they would have just done what she’s done so far.

And that is why she’s making me give up caffeine. She says that’s one of the first things a neurologist would have done.

I gave up caffeine for an entire year when I was in my mid twenties. It had no effect on my migraines. In fact, I had a headache every single day of that year (the way I remember it, anyway.) I have to admit, however, that circumstances were completely different then, I had a job I hated, and since I drank decaf coffee, I was not completely caffeine free. And I just had migraines and tension headaches, no Constant Stabbing Headache. And it was a long, long time ago.

I’m glad I’m getting a CAT scan. I’ve been worried that leaning over was actually dangerous for me and it’s put a real crimp in my life. And I just started trying to do yoga again recently, is that what caused the pain to return?

And I love my cups of tea (plain green or black, no flavorings, sweeteners, herbs) and hate to give them up. I will have to find an herbal tea that I can stand the taste of to help keep me warm at work. She told me to cut back gradually on my three cups a day, but I’m thinking I’ll just give it up right now, except for my decaf green, since it has a little caffeine in it, and then when that’s gone, no more. I think I have about a week’s worth. After all, what could happen from going (almost) cold turkey? I could get a headache? Oh, don’t scare me.

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