Bad mood vanquished by squirrel

I usually don’t have to fast before a blood test, but this time the doctor had marked “fasting” on the lab sheet, so I did, and then when I got to the lab they said fasting was not required for that test. So, 1) I should have asked the doctor, since it was different from usual (if the paper had said “go jump off a cliff,” would I?) and 2) I have a migraine, because not eating gives me a migraine!

And I have an unrelated doctor’s appointment at 10 am and have to be in another town to open the library by noon. Hope I make it.

So I was in a very bad mood. But luckily, I looked at Migraine Chick’s page and found photographic evidence that migraines do exist (they’re not all in our heads) and they wear combat gear. At least hers does.

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