I grew up in a very mild climate. I like a mild climate. Someday I might try to move back to one. Meanwhile, I am stuck in what I refer to as “the frozen north,” but I am the only one who would ever call it that. It snows a little bit every 5 years or so. I just think that’s excessive.

It was very rainy the last couple of days, the wind blew very hard, and the electricity went out. My lovely 45-minute drive to work through orchards and rice fields was very scary. The wind kept trying to push me into a watery field, and when it failed at that it blew branches at me. I personally felt that I should not be on the road, and the radio, which I had on for comfort while I drove, kept saying “stay off the roads” until the station suddenly left the air in mid-sentence. When I called my employer and said I was having trouble getting to work, they agreed that I shouldn’t put my safety in jeopardy, but pointed out that if I didn’t go to work I wouldn’t get paid. I decided that my problem was probably psychological, and kept going.

I got to work half an hour late, and 45 minutes later they sent us back home because the electricity was out. The drive back was not as scary, as the wind was more behind me and I didn’t feel it as much. Maybe it was dying down at that point, too. And the only other travelers I saw were in emergency vehicles, so there was help everywhere if I needed it. I’ll bet if they found me in a ditch, though, they’d say “We told you to stay off the roads!”

Of course I had awakened with a migraine, and was driving on Amerge. I think I am having a migraine every Friday, so I will have to examine Thursdays and see if I’m doing something wrong. For a while I was wondering if my migraines were affected by weather, and I found a site that recorded the daily fluctuations in barometric pressure for my vicinity. I couldn’t see any correlation and lost interest, but I suppose what I should do is start another one of those notebooks where I write down everything I eat, everything I do, how much I sleep, what’s stressing me out, and the barometric pressure changes for the day. And what kind of headache and how many pills. Yep, that’s what I should do, all right.

On a related subject, my New Year’s Resolution is not to have any overdue library books.

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