Usual worries

I started by not worrying. I had three days off in a row, and I took the dog for a long walk each day, and did a little bit of pruning and raking and cleaning in my yard. Then I tried some yoga with a new DVD I got myself for Christmas which is supposed to be for people who are sick, weakly and out of shape. Then I did start to worry, since it included neck stuff and being upside down a lot. But nothing bad happened to my head while I was doing it.

Wednesday morning I woke up with a shadow of pain and pressure in my temple. Was the Constant Stabbing Headache returning? I was actually relieved when it turned into a regular migraine. Took an amerge. Went to work. The traveling tech guy who is famous for his overpowering aftershave spent the entire day in the workroom area of my library. I stayed out front but everytime the door between the two spaces opened the smell rolled out and attacked my head and stomach. Regular library staff are not allowed to wear smelly stuff, do we have to write a separate rule for him?

This morning my left temple still hurts. I tell myself this is just normal after-migraine stuff. I want to return to yoga so much, but I am afraid that something about it exacerbates whatever causes the constant stabbing headache.

Or, I just overdid it and by the end of today I’ll be peachy keen.

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