No, it’s not migraine fog, it’s regular winter weather fog. Where I live we call it tule fog, because it creeps up out of the wet ground (where tules might grow) and then just lays there for days. It was fun to walk the dog in, this morning, because no one else was about that we could see, and the world was quiet and drippy.

I did wake up with a headache, but two aspirin took care of that.

I have been thinking about rebound headaches. If I took aspirin because my elbow hurt, and I took them every day, would I eventually get rebound elbow ache?

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3 Comments on “Fog”

  1. Nikki Says:

    In theory all pain killers, anti-inflammatories and abortives can cause a rebound if used too often. So if you used asprin everyday for your elbow eventually your elbow would rebound and hit you in the head.

  2. glass pineapple Says:

    Thank you for the answer to my question, but as soon as I read it I started trying to hit myself in the head with my elbow. I’m just too susceptible to suggestion. Luckily, I couldn’t do it. Hitting myself in the head is probably a migraine trigger.

  3. Nikki Says:

    Hmm, I tried licking my elbow once, as soon as someone told me it was impossible… it was a good fifteen minutes before I reluctantly agreed it is impossible.

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