I drank way too much coffee yesterday. I think coffee can give me a migraine, or at least a bad sick headache, so I usually avoid it, but since I had a migraine already and had taken naratriptan and felt sleepy at work, I started drinking it and didn’t stop. I even filled my mug up for the drive home.

And when I went to bed I had a headache. Just a headache. So I took aspirin and I woke up with no headache.

There is no moral to this story. In fact, it seems like a pretty immoral tale. Couldn’t I just leave the coffee alone? Aspirin isn’t good for me, either. And yet, today, I feel very pleased with myself. I drank coffee and ultimately got away with it. What a fiend.

Do the happy no headache dance!

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One Comment on “Coffee”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I would repremand you for drinking coffee when it gives you a headache, but I smoke and have asthma… so would be just a tad hypocritical.

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