I asked my husband to pick up a prescription for me yesterday, since I work out of town five days a week now and I’m having a hard time running errands in the city I actually live in. He didn’t say anything to me about it when I got home, but I happened to notice the receipt. $224 for what normally costs $15. (He said he didn’t ask the pharmacy about it, or say anything to me, because he didn’t want to sound like he thought I wasn’t worth $224! Pretty nice, but does he think I always spend that much on headache pills?)

I think I wrote earlier that my insurance company had sent me a letter informing me that I was only allowed 8 Amerge after some specific day in November. Back when I received the letter I called them up and asked, 8 a day? 8 a week? 8 a month? 8 a year? 8 in a lifetime? The person I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about, had no record of the letter they sent me, and finally guessed it probably meant 8 a month. I assumed my pharmacy would just deal with it, if it even happened, and give me 8 instead of 9 when the time came. Whoops, never assume. My doctor’s prescription reads “take daily as needed,” and the insurance guy on the phone had told me I was allowed 30 a month, so I don’t know why I always got 9 when I filled my prescription before, and I don’t know why I got 9 this time. I called the pharmacy last night, but no one there could answer my question and told me to call back at 10 this morning.

I will be in another city, doing storytime at 10 am. I guess I’ll call at lunchtime. If I give them one pill back, will they give me a $209 refund? Pretty expensive little pill.

Of course I have a migraine today. One Amerge, the luxury pill.

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