Insurance, cont.

Hooray for Deborah at my pharmacy, who called my insurance company, changed my prescription order so that I would only get 8 in the future (they come 9 to a package, I wonder what they do with the extra after they cut it out of the bubble wrap?), and reprocessed my bill so that I paid $15 for the first 8 plus $35 for the 9th, and told me to stop by on the way home and she would refund the rest.

Once, when I arrived at this pharmacy just after closing, and stood there stupidly gawking at the darkness and and the big metal gate this same person, Deborah, was pulling down over the counter, and then embarrassed myself totally by saying “Oh, are you closed?”, she somehow refrained from saying what she was no doubt thinking and unlocked the drawer and the cash register and gave me my prescription. What an angel.

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