Brain power

Somebody Heal Me had a link to 101 Ideas to Empower Persons in Pain to Survive & Thrive! Out of 101 ideas, there had to be at least one I could manage to try out. I was immediately attracted to “Learn a foreign language,” since that’s something I’m interested in already so it’s non-threatening, but it was the reason given for doing so that really grabbed me: “Exercise that part of the brain that doesn’t read pain signals.” This reminded me of the recent news about the somatosensory cortex area of the brain being thicker in migraine brains.

So, what a great idea! Other parts of my brain can get thicker and more muscular and powerful, if I just use them as much as I use the migraine parts. Think about how much of my time, energy and brain power I use just feeling pain! I mean don’t think about it. I’m only half joking here. I really like the idea of buffing up some new areas of my brain, especially since the areas that respond to physical exercise must be dwindling away lately.

I love the mental image of the pain-sensing part of my brain, swaggering around in a muscle shirt, kicking sand in the faces of the little 98-pound weakling areas that surround it. Then the weak parts secretly start lifting weights and running laps, and one day, pow! Is Mr. Migraine ever surprised! He slinks off in defeat.


Woke up holding my head. One amerge. Took longer than usual for it to work, but eventually I was feeling better. Did more baking, walked the dog a short while, did laundry, made soup. My friend I used to walk with came to have a cup of tea. Everybody’s health and the weather have to cooperate before we can walk again.

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