Searching for answers

I am learning from looking at the “search terms” portion of my blog stats that there are many people who are sick and go to the internet and type in their symptoms to try to find a diagnosis. This shouldn’t surprise me, since that’s exactly what I did. In my case I was trying to find confirmation that I should be operated on immediately and have whatever was causing my (suddenly very different) headache removed or mended. Instead I found that many people have worse headache problems than me, with no cause ever diagnosed. And no quick fixes. For some reason, this cheered me up. And it led me in a roundabout way to Paula Kamen’s All In My Head, which made me think twice about involving the medical profession in my headache problem at all. Thought twice and did it anyway.

I went to the doctor yesterday for my presumed sinus infection and suspected UTI. I had to wait an hour and a half because one of the patients before me had Alzheimer’s and was having to be admitted somewhere. This is the second time recently that I have watched an elderly person’s life narrow before my eyes. I wasn’t actually watching, but since he was deaf there was a lot of discreet yelling involved. The other time was at the DMV, where a very affable older man had to be refused a driver’s license renewal. I suppose this type of thing has been happening all around me all along, but perhaps I never paid attention til I hit fifty. And in the library, younger people have a harder time remembering to return their books than older folks.

Now I am in an antibiotic fog and I am missing another day of work. I have the uneasy feeling that I left a lot of things hanging at my one-person branch.

Oh well, back to search term stats. Pineapple seems to be suspected in some people’s illnesses. And flu shots have apparently resulted in many stiff necks this year.

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