Crazy or lazy?

Even though I have never been officially diagnosed as either crazy or lazy, I am always asking myself, am I really sick? Is this just an excuse to get out of something? Why (I say to myself suspiciously) exactly am I sick this time?

Yesterday the sinus infection I keep thinking I’m getting hit me full force suddenly just after lunch. My face felt like it would explode, I kept sneezing and coughing and blowing my nose while the terrified public looked on. The person I work with had to fix all my dingbat mistakes and when closing time came I couldn’t even help her put books away or turn off computers. The drive home was excruciating as some big vehicle followed behind me almost the whole way and it was too dark for me to find a place to pull off and I was afraid to take my hands off the steering wheel to get a kleenex. (Parenthetically, why do I only meet oncoming traffic on narrow bridges?)

But what I want to know is, why don’t I have a headache? Is it because I just have to have pain in my general head region and the sinus pain is taking care of that so I don’t need the other? If the sinus condition goes away, will the headache come back?

And at this rate, when am I going to get the Christmas lights up?

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