I really don’t feel like writing anything because it is just more complaining but good grief! Can’t I just be well? I am not having any headaches but I seem to have a cold/flu thing that hangs around and periodically attacks and sends me to bed for a day, and then I drag around for a few days and then it attacks again, and now I feel like I’m getting a sinus infection, which I used to get a lot of but not in the last few years.

Am I a hypochondriac? I don’t have a pain in my head so my body has to think up some other stuff to go wrong?

Okay, it’s cold and flu season. But my summer was swallowed up by the black hole of that constant headache. I haven’t been to yoga or ridden my bike since May. There’s that big hole in my backyard where I was planning to put a brick patio, until I noticed that leaning over to scoop out dirt with the shovel was giving me a strange headache and I had to abandon the project (the beginning of the Constant Stabbing Headache.) The last couple of days I haven’t even walked the dog, because the wind is cold and makes my face hurt and I can’t chance getting sicker and missing work.

And InnerDorothy is going to walk 50 miles by Christmas, and I thought, oh, I should do that, because I figure my dog and I walk one to three miles a day anyway but it would keep us going through the rainy weather, but now I realize I will have to join a sitting inside resting challenge instead.

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