2 aspirin

Got up at 1am but didn’t feel like eating so I didn’t. Went back to sleep. Woke up at 4am with no pain. Took my thyroid pill. (The first thing my doctor thought about my really bad constant stabbing headache was that I was low on thyroid and Synthroid would fix me right up. Even though it didn’t, I still have to take it.) Since it was 4am I thought I would lie in bed and wait for 5am, but by 4:30 I had a crampy pain in my left temple and neck. Sometimes this means a migraine is coming (or coming back, from the day before). So I took two aspirin and took the dog on a short walk and the pain went away for the rest of the day.

So–should I have eaten at 1 am? Should I have not gotten back in bed at 4 am? Was I going to have leftover-from-yesterday pain anyway, no matter what I did? Is it a “rebound headache” from taking so many aspirin lately? Do I get headaches from not walking the dog? Does thinking about headaches give me a headache?

I had a pretty busy day at work, which is a good thing!

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