that I got up in the middle of the night and ate something and still ended up with a migraine. Left side. But it was mild enough that I could do my Preschool Storytime program and then take an Amerge with lunch, and the pain was gone about an hour and a half later.

Long day, and then when I got home I was not feeding my cat fast enough (I guess) and she bit me. She is a very bitey scratchy cat, but it’s been months since she bit or scratched me, so I was surprised (and disappointed!) Meanwhile, the dog was waiting patiently for his food. If I don’t feed him fast enough, he becomes more and more subservient and obliging until the food hits the dog dish, and even then he waits until I tell him to go ahead before he eats it.

Just too tired to talk (that’s the Amerge).

Very Bad Cat

Very Bad Cat

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