I don’t know.

Yesterday was a good day, headache-wise. I woke up at 3am and decided to get up and eat something, even though I wasn’t hungry. I ate a little cereal with (yuck) milk. Then I went back to sleep and woke up later with no pain whatsoever. Not even the little bit of pain that is usually hanging around when I say I’m pain-free. Pain free doesn’t ever mean completely free from pain. Except yesterday.

So it should have been a great day, but work in that one library branch is just tense and uncomfortable so I was definitely not a happy person, except when I would remind myself about the no pain thing. (And also at lunch and on breaks, when I would go outside.)

But I decided that eating in the early morning/middle of the night was the key to headache elimination, so last night I woke up at 1 am and had cereal again. And I did go right back to sleep and slept til 4:30, which is an okay time for me to wake up. I’m an early morning person. (In the winter I go out every morning and look at the stars. Because I like to.)

But when I woke up, I was holding my head and crying. And worrying in a crazy, circular manner about some petty thing. And I had a crampy feeling in my left temple. All signs of a migraine coming. But as usual, I broke my rule and did not take an Amerge immediately but instead got up, ate breakfast, and walked the dog (who was a semi-bad dog today and my arm hurts from being jerked so much) and now I have only very slight pain in my temple and none in my neck and I am not worrying and so what does it all mean?

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2 Comments on “I don’t know.”

  1. somniare Says:

    One of my closest friends (http://angelles.deviantart.com) suffers from horrendous migraines of the level that you refer to so often. I think that her, as much as you could benefit from finding solace from each other in an affliction that is so commonly ignored within the masses.

    Even though I’m a virtual stranger, I do hope you feel better soon and find a way to get a handle on your affliction. *hug*

  2. glasspineapple Says:

    That’s very nice of you. Thank you.

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