I am not a happy blogger today and this reminds me of another reason I have trouble keeping a paper record of my headaches. When things get bad or I get sad I don’t want to write it down.

Saturday was a great day. Sunday I woke up at 2am and never went back to sleep. That is not so bad in itself but it was the third night in a row. It started out too rainy to walk with my friend, but later the sun came out so I decided to walk the dog. With my new work schedule, commuting, and less and less daylight, he had only had 3 short walks in the last week. He was totally out of control from the the moment we hit the sidewalk. Later in the walk I literally hit the sidewalk as he lunged at I don’t know what and I slipped on some wet leaves. My shoulder, elbow and hand still hurt from all the sudden yanks in random directions.

The worst thing was, when the walk was almost over and we were only a block and half away from home, he lunged suddenly at a silent dog behind a fence, pulling the leash out of my hand. I tripped and wrenched my neck. Whiplash. I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled him back, but the damage to my neck had been done. A migraine was inevitable. But in foolish hope of evading one anyway, I took some aspirin and then, later, as the head pain started, 1/2 Relpax, but this morning I feel terrible. And my neck hurts a lot.

And I didn’t want to write about it because I am sick of keeping a list of all my pain and pills, but that is the point of this so here I am.

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