days in one. I think I have a litte cold. I’m feeling worn down and stuffed up and scratchy-throated. I’m not sleeping well at night.

Thursday I think I took no pain pills and I don’t remember how I felt except for draggy, coming down with a cold.

Friday morning I didn’t know how I was going to make it to work, so I took two aspirin and then when I got to work I realized that on top of virusness I had a migraine, so I took an Amerge, and within an hour the headache was gone, and since I already felt not-so-hot, the grogginess I usually get from the pills seemed more natural and I made it through the day.

It was crack-down-on-out-of-control-kids day. Wow. My supervisor really can get tough. One person to each Internet station, no blocking the aisles, no hanging around in front of the outside doors. You can be outside, just not blocking the way in and out of the library. Duh! She made one boy go home. He tried to come back and she told him no. Kind of scary to watch. I really didn’t believe she had it in her. She told me that when she first instituted these rules (about six months ago), staff cars were vandalized in retaliation and someone tried to break into one car. (I can’t block the doorway? I’ll destroy your car!) Now I just have to find it in myself to be as tough, and then what will happen next Friday when my supervisor is gone?

Let’s worry about it now, that way I have 6 whole days to fret!

Saturday (today) I’m so happy I have a day off. Getting used to a 40-hour week (it was 30 hours for 6 months, and only 24 hours for several years before that) has been taking a toll. Minimal pain in my neck and the right temple. Not even aspirin-worthy. I wonder if I would even notice this pain if I was a person with few headaches. Or would it feel like a bad headache, and I would take an aspirin and tell everybody about it? “How odd, I have a headache today. I almost never get headaches.” !

So far today I have read two newspapers and baked a pumpkin cake. I need to go to the bank with my paycheck that is correct and contains the correction from the previous messed-up check, so it seems like a lot of money. I get to deposit it and then pay all my bills. I’m excited!

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