aspirin. That’s just too many. Usually I stop at two. Sometimes four. But I have to say, the fifth aspirin in five hours did seem to knock the severe head and neck pain on my left side. I would call this headache a migraine (albeit a mild one) because it was on one side, I kept pressing my head to relieve the pain, I could feel my face in a grimace and would relax it, only to find it all grimaced up again in a few minutes, and every sentence I uttered came out backwards, sideways, incomprehensible, or at least slightly off. What a day. Also tension between the two people I work with and chaos reigning among the young patrons, while each of the two other staff members dealt with things in their own way and I kept one eye on quitting time.

And the first drive back home from this library since Standard Time started: 45 very dark minutes on all those lovely narrow unlit badly marked country roads that I love driving so much in the daylight. Whoohee. And it hasn’t even started raining yet. And I’ve driven it once in dense morning fog, but dense night fog is also very likely in the winter. Hmmm.

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