Where did Monday go? Hmmm. I remember I took three aspirin all at once on the way to the grocery store (I had to pick up two prescriptions and realized I’d forgotten about 10 things the day before) and it gave me a little stomach ache. I can’t remember what kind of headache it was! Obviously not a migraine, but I recall holding my head.

Aside from that it was a good day, and I cleaned off the front porch, and pulled some weeds, and took down the morning glories from the driveway fence, since they were dead, and took down and put away the bamboo blinds I use on the front of the house during the summer, and trimmed the jasmine and swept the brick path. And did laundry. And made enchiladas.

And today I had a meeting early in the HQ library and went the back way to get there, now that I’m learning the little roads and highways. I’ve lived here 30 years and have basically only driven where I needed to go, with little exploring. I’m more adventurous on my bike, but I never go very far on it and haven’t been on it at all since the stabbing-pain-in-my-left-temple-with-dizziness headache started in mid-May. That’s almost 6 months. That’s how long I haven’t been to yoga class, too.

My friend let me borrow her first season of The Office dvd so that’s what we’re doing tonight.

Just a little neck pain and temple pressure today, nothing pill-worthy.

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