Tuesday and Today.

Tuesday I had bad neck pain and annoying headache pain, but I was determined not to take aspirin because I’ve been eating so many lately. It was way busy in my one-person library, and my neck pain got worse and worse. Went to bed with a warm wrap around my forehead and back of the neck. Woke up at 3am thinking of all the things I’d left half-done at work. So I got up at 4:30 since lying there was bound to give me a headache, and now at 7:00 I really have only minimal pain.

Pain pain pain. One reason I am keeping this record in cyberspace is that I get sick of writing about pain and thinking about pain on top of feeling pain, and can never get myself to keep a record on paper because it seems obsessive. Why typing about it feels less heavy, I don’t know. Maybe because I hit the publish button and then turn off the computer and all my whining isn’t even in my house anymore.

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