Woke up at 3am holding my head. However, my head did not hurt very much so I ignored it. I took my thyroid pill (I usually take it around 4:30 or 5:00am, but I was awake so I figured, why not?) and then laid there and waited to fall back asleep, holding my head because even though it didn’t hurt much, pressing my forehead or the sides of my head made it feel better. At 5:00 I got up, ate my oatmeal, read the paper, and then sat staring into the near distance (kitchen) because every minute my head was hurting more.

I have a rule: if I wake up holding my head, I take a pill. It’s just I hardly ever follow that rule because I hope that I am just imagining things and I am not getting a migraine. So I didn’t take an Amerge until nearly 7 am. Now I feel groggy and dizzy, but the pain is gone.

My symptoms last night as I was going to bed were: Pain in neck (I put a warm wrap on it), and slight dizziness.

So really, it all pointed to migraine and I still didn’t take an Amerge at 3 am like I should have.

Then this morning I opened a letter from my insurance company (it’s been lying around the house for a while) and discovered that as of Thanksgiving, they will only pay for 8 Amerge tablets per month. That would have been fine a year ago, when I took approximately 9 tablets every two months, but now I’m taking about 9 a month, so unless the drug store will sell me one extra Amerge each month (will they do that? Sell me one pill? It sounds so back-alleyish) I’m just going to suffer, miss work, miss life.

Man, I am definitely more whiney when I have a migraine!

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