dream. I had a great dream last night. In the dream I was warm, there was plenty of food, there was music everywhere and someone was playing boogie woogie Beethoven while reciting poetry very enthusiastically. I thought “The only problem is that I wore my slippers instead of shoes,” but when I looked down at my feet, my slippers were a gorgeous emerald green color and didn’t look that different from the kind of flat, comfortable shoes I like to wear. Then I noticed it was getting dark so I started to run so I wouldn’t be late getting home.

The interesting thing to me about my dream is that everything in it corresponds, in a weird dream way, to things that I felt, saw, heard or did yesterday. Except for the emerad green shoes. I really want a pair of them now that I’ve seen them.

Best dream ever.

And so far (8am) no headache.

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