So far

so good. No pain!

Went to the doctor. She has convinced me to try the Elavil, on Saturday night so that any ill effects will take place on my two days off. She claims I will probably just feel sleepy for one day and then normal. If I feel bad for more than two days I can just stop taking it. You read it here, so it must be true.

I got a flu shot and my arm hurts.

Took the dog to the vet for his rabies, distemper, etc. shots, and also got his nails clipped. I need to get them clipped more often. I am obviously never going to do it myself.

I have many things to do since I pretty much wasted yesterday with that bad headache. I did manage laundry and a little cleaning. Today: grocery shopping, get gas, more cleaning, cook dinner for two days. I want to shop for clothes but I am out of money. Paycheck on Friday.

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