Really bad

headache. Yesterday’s migraine came back in the evening and kept me up part of the night. This morning I tried two aspirin and then an Amerge; nothing touches it. I put my pajamas back on and went back to bed with a warm pack wrapped around my head. The pain is an all-over pain. I slept for a little while but really the pain is just as bad lying down as sitting up.

Today is Sunday and it’s supposed to be a nice day. I was thinking I would spend the day outside and then tomorrow I would do all my errands plus a doctor’s appt. Plans are made to be broken by evil migraines.

I don’t think I wrote about my last appt. two weeks ago, when I spent one hour waiting in the exam room and then had to leave because I couldn’t be any later for work than I already was. It’s a one-person branch, so if I’m not there it doesn’t open! I still haven’t spoken to my doctor about the fact that I have not taken any Elavil, but then, she has never spoken to me about prescribing it, she just had someone in her office call me to ask what pharmacy I wanted my “new prescription” phoned in to. After the horrible horrible Topamax, I really don’t want any more drugs messing around with my brain.

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