on my right side this morning. One Amerge. Going to work soon. I hope I have time to walk the dog first. Even fifteen minutes would be good for both of us.

Yesterday it was me and one other person to man (woman) the library. This is the larger library. She said she was too sick to work but didn’t want to go home. If she had called in sick I could at least have tried to get a substitute. Her lunch was at 12:00, mine at 12:30. Around 2:00 she went to take a break. It got busier. Around 3:00 I began to worry about her. I kept thinking I should go check on her but the stream of needy library patrons was constant. By 3:30 I was getting the familiar stabbing pain in my left temple. I had left my water bottle in the back room. I needed to use the restroom. I began eyeing the water fountain out in the hall and hoping for enough of a lull to at least dash out there and get a sip of water. No lull!

So today I have a migraine. I am attributing it to yesterday because lack of food is my only known trigger.

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