will this work as a migraine pain record if I don’t write here every day? I don’t remember what I felt like on Wednesday. Thursday I took an Amerge. Friday I took aspirin. I believe I took two aspirin this morning before I walked the dog. Now I am extremely tired.

How to make people come to the library on Saturday? Last week I had 25 people, today I had 26. I believe that is a 4% increase. Woohoo!

My newest library is in a nice little town. The drive there, the “back way”, is uncrowded and lovely and takes about 45 minutes. I share the road with a few cars and pickups and some tractors or harvest machinery that I can’t identify. On the road between my home and my other new library the leaves are beginning to fall.

I am so tired that my ears are doing this thing that happens when I am very tired. Even though I am just sitting here, it sounds like something covers my ears and then uncovers them, over and over.

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