Lots of tension

in my neck and shoulder.  Right side pain.  3 aspirin.  Another work day with new hours.  Will anyone come to the library today? 

 While searching for a space to put a box of craft materials, I discovered piles of Halloween books.  I knew they had to be somewhere.

Now that some moms have given me a few suggestions, I feel better equipped to approach the schools with library information (like new hours.)  The elementary school’s weekly newsletter to parents is called the “green sheet.”  They’ll put something about our hours in next week.  The intermediate school sends something out once a month, and I missed the deadline, so they suggested I bring a lot of fliers down and they would distribute them to the teachers. (I hate spelling flyers with an “i”. When did that become the correct spelling?)  My first approach had been to the district office (right next door to the schools, they’re all on the same street) because that’s what I was required to do in my former library’s community, but that doesn’t seem to be the efficient or expected way here.

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