Today I just have leftover headache from yesterday. I had to go get a blood test for my appointment next week and please remember (note to self) the left arm is best for blood drawing.

Then I found out that now we have to do self-evaluations at work. I guess this has been true for several months now, but news of it had not reached my outpost at the reference desk (or I skipped that page in the “Communication” notebook). And now it’s my turn, and it’s due tomorrow.
So after hours of worrying about it and thinking up reasons why I shouldn’t have to do it (my favorite–“Making someone like me fill out a self-evaluation is like making the prisoner dig his own grave before executing him”) I searched the Internet for advice. There I discovered what you probably already knew. Everyone does self-evaluations now. I even found a form for children, where they are directed to color the box with a green crayon if they feel they did their best work.

So I think I’ll just color my form green.

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