migraine, I thought I woke up with. Pain and stiffness in right neck, pain on right side of head. Yesterday was a left migraine, my most usual kind. But I took two aspirin and the dog for a walk and right now I have no headpain. Again I am asking: is this possible?

Our walk was fairly uneventful, with perhaps 5 minutes of “calm submissive” state on his part, and only a couple of instances where I was nearly knocked over or jerked off my feet. I did some laundry, made my lunch/dinner, soon I will take a shower and then off to work, with a stop at Office Depot if I have time on the way. Yesterday I tried to sort through my boxes of old craft and storytime ideas but I was not successful at throwing much out. The memories of all the good times did make me feel more confident about getting back into the storytime business, however. I think I have the first one totally planned already, with ideas for the next three!

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