No aspirin

today, or anything else. And it’s September 28! Where I am, anyway.

A busy day at work. Puppetry, landscape design, US history 1877 to present, compare science and religion, Change your Brain Change your Life, book club books, reptiles as pets, Call of the Wild, ESL, walnut orchard management, not quite the right title of anything, your catalog says that you don’t own Leaves of Grass, why are your internets down, when will they be back, I owe 10 cents do you take debit cards, what does q mean, you moved the dvds again and I can’t find them, mongolian cooking, The Purpose Driven Life, PDR, do you have the Wizard of Oz (oh, no I meant the movie), local pioneers, Marilyn Monroe, I owe 10 cents do you have change for a twenty, how can I see the Muppet Show, you have the second book in the trilogy but not the first, I told it to print 3 pages and it printed 13, where are the ARC coupons, those are beautiful quilts, you’re very nice, thank you, I owe ten cents can I bring it tomorrow

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