So far

I have slight pressure at left temple, pain and stiffness on the left side of my neck.

And I actually completed a simple sewing project. A children’s book from the library showed me how to trace an old pair of pjs to make a pattern for new ones. I’d already purchased the flannel (blue with multi-colored dots) and washed and ironed it, made the pattern, and cut out the pieces. I probably never would have gotten any farther because I hate to sew, but this morning my husband wanted to sew something on his karate uniform using the sewing machine, and the thread and bobbin color on the machine was lavender. No lavender thread is allowed on the karate uniform. But lavender was fine for my pajamas (pants only) so I hurried up and sewed them and they’re great!

But then I had to remove the lavender thread from the machine, wanted to use white to match the uniform, couldn’t find any white thread, decided to use black, had to fill a new bobbin and rethread the machine with the black thread. All the reasons I hate to sew. But that task is also completed and it is time to go to work.

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