Today I

took one Amerge.

Walked the dog and Piper on Cleveland was out in the street with her children. Most of them are shorter than she is. “Come on, Piper, come here, Piper, Piper, stop it, come back, Piper.” MacGuyver was fairly obedient and sat when I told him to, but Piper was adamant and unleashed. She temporarily abandoned us to chase a man who was walking by and growl at him. “Mom, Piper’s going after people in the street!” (I’ve never seen Mom. Mom stays in the house.) I took the opportunity to try to sneak away with my dog, but Piper noticed and came after us. “Watch out behind you, ma’am!” the innocent by-walker shouted. He managed to chase Piper into her front yard. MacGuyver and I went home.

Later Piper came down my street for a visit with MacGuyver through the fence. All her children came after her, “Piper, here Piper, Piper!”

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